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ayurvedic skin care
ayurvedic skin care
ayurvedic skin care
ayurvedic skin care




Gradually restores the radiant appearance of the skin as it minimises signs of ageing and clears dark spots.

Price: USD$69.95   
Qty:   65gms/2.3oz

21-day Vata Nourish Programme

21-day Vata Nourish Programme

Our Nourish skincare programme will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated while enhancing your natural beauty from within.

Price: USD$199.00   

Silver Gel

Silver Gel

Toning and purifying Lodhra and Himalayan wild cherry, when combined with pure silver foil, helps to build skin's natural integrity and results in clearer, happier skin.

Price: USD$89.95   
Qty:   65gms/2.3oz

What's your skin type? Need help choosing? What our customers have to say All natural organic
    Natural skin care

    Best results are only guaranteed when you use products that work with the synergy of our skin. The key to this simple fact is knowing your skin type and it's needs.
    Our customised skincare approach is based on our understanding of your unique skincare needs. Ayurda's customised approach has helped thousands of people to feel good, age well and live better.

    Find your dosha and discover your skin's unique needs. Click here to start!
    Skin care all natural

    At Ayurda, we’re here to help! We provide customised skincare solutions that effectively work in harmony with your body. If you’re not sure which ayurvedic skincare products are suitable for your skin type you can contact us online or by phone. We’ll work hard to help answer all your Ayurda skincare and lifestyle questions.

    For fast, friendly help and support contact us today.

    Ayurda’s personal programmes are proven ayurvedic skincare regimes that have helped 100’s of people to feel good, age well and live better.

    Organic skin care production

    Such an impressive ayurvedic range for all skin types. Ayurda has something for every one and I know I will be recommending it to all my actors.

    Organic skin care production

    Ayurda's Ayurvedic skincare products make my skin glow. The Cucumber & basil cleanser is perfect and the Almond & saffron moisturiser is delicious. I have sensitive skin and this range makes it feel protected and nourished.

    Read more testimonials here
    Organic Ayurvedic skin care

    Ayurda products contain:

  • 100% Natural therapeutic ingredients
  • Organic and wild crafted Ingredients
  • Customised formulations for your skin
  • Ayurvedic principles
  • Ethical production
  • Recycled packaging
  • 100% authentic
  • Ayurda products avoid:

  • Synthetic Chemicals
  • Parabens and preservatives
  • Artificial colouring or dyes
  • Animal testing
  • Animal derived emulsifiers
  • Alcohol or harsh chemicals

  • Find out more!

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